Products We Love….Luscombe Juices of Wild Orchards

We are always looking for refreshing juices that are free of or low in added sugars and preservatives. Luscombe is a line of “adult” soft drinks made of all natural fruit juices without additives, colourings, enhancers, or preservatives. New from their Autumn collection is feature flavor “Blueberry Crush”, a clean and dry sparkling juice resembling a fine wine without alcohol. Blueberry Crush is lightly sweetened with Agave Nectar. We also love the Autumn collection’s Rasberry Lemonade, resembling a light rose wine, and Elderflower Bubbly, as an alternative to real bubbles or white wine. Each drink is very gently pasteurized in-bottle to preserve the delicate character of the fruit.

Luscombe Drinks can be found in quality restaurants, cafés and bars across the UK as well as delicatessens and department stores such as Selfridge’s, Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods, Fortnum & Mason, and Dean & Deluca in New York. Check out these Specialty Cocktail Recipes that incorporate Luscombe beverages.

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