The Urban Clinic is about sharing knowledge to prevent illness and promote safe healing practices that minimize complications and side effects. Health information is available to us at the click of a button and most people turn to the internet first for answers before spending the time and money on doctors visits. Our goal is to encourage practices that can help prevent illness and to promote healing practices that address the underlying cause instead of just the symptoms.

There is more data than ever before that supports the notion that our everyday lifestyle choices have a direct impact on our health. Only 5-10% of cancer risk is considered “genetic”, implying the bulk of our risk is determined by environmental factors, including diet, exercise and other things we can control. Inspirations for this blog include medical doctors that focus on prevention and incorporate nutritional therapy  into their practice, such as Dr. Terry Wahls, who reversed her symptoms of MS through intense nutritional therapy, and Dr. Andrew Weil, who has pioneered the concept of what we now call “Integrative Medicine.” Read more about the Urban Clinic’s Inspirations.

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